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Vineyard Mountain Park and Recreation District

The Vineyard Mountain Park and Recreation District (VMPR) was established in 1980, replacing the Vineyard Mountain Recreation Club which was established in 1971 to manage the horse facilities and other recreational facilities for Vineyard Mountain residents (see Art Stonehill’s History of Vineyard Mountain

 VMPR operates as an Oregon Park and Recreation District in accordance with Oregon State Statute, Chapter 266 . The State Statute specifies the number of board members (3-5), election process, scope of operation, and general provisions, including meeting requirements.

 VMPR is responsible for the 29.74 acres that constitutes the Vineyard Mountain “Park”, a largely undeveloped open space. 1.42 acres are leased to the Vineyard Mountain Swim Club for the operation of the Vineyard Mountain Pool. The following Objectives/Goals (developed after a survey of Vineyard Mountain residents) guide the actions of the Board as published in the Forest Stewardship Planwith emphasis placed on fire safety, restoration of oak habitat and recreational access.

Yes, we are using THE PATH. 
We caught Pat McGowan taking

a stroll one January afternoon below the Snow Park.  This gravel walkway can be accessed from Concord and Sulphur Springs, from the Pool, and from the Snow Park across from Lower Worden and Concord.  Check it out!









Vineyard Mountain Park Stewardship Plan completed, September 2014. Executive Summary is available HERE.

Complete Plan is available in the Document Archive below.

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Boundaries of Vineyard Mountain Park District parcels

Park News (Spring 2018)

VMPRD Public Meeting 
Thursday April 25th.  1340 NW Worden Circle.  7 pm.


2019-20 budget prep

Improvements to VMPRD - trails, kiosk and misc.

Oak habitat enhancement and open space

Misc. business

Oak Habitat Enhancement Slash Burning Notice

Vineyard Mountain Community:


The Vineyard Mountain Park Area Forest Stand Improvement piece of the Oak Habitat Enhancement program was completed several weeks ago.  The grant agency assisting with the funding for our program, the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has completed a site review of the Forest Stand work and informed us that it meets the requirements of our grant. We are pleased overall with the Forest Stand Improvement and feel it will promote the Oak Habitat Enhancement that we are working towards. We have some follow up work underway. We have a tractor service that is performing some further ground leveling and additional cleanup.  We plan an additional clearing of the smaller growth that needs to be removed to reduce future competition with the oaks. And, we have contracted with the Institute for Applied Ecology (IAE, Corvallis) to re-seed the disturbed areas with native grass and forbs. We also plan to implement some field erosion control measures once the planting is completed.


You will notice large piles of slash material from the trees thinned; the piles are now covered with black plastic to keep them dry.  It was cost prohibitive for us to handle the slash material by any other method; indeed NRCS strongly recommended burning over other methods like chipping. The Park Board will apply for a permit from the Oregon Department of Forestry to burn this material well after wet weather arrives. We have contracted with Miller Timber Services to supervise the burn scheduled for November or later. If anyone would like to remove some of the slash materials for firewood before the burning, please contact John Snelling (541-829-6753) to coordinate.


We anticipate a significant amount of smoke during and after the burn day.  Burning is scheduled based on weather that enhances vertical transport of the smoke and ash.  We have been notified by Miller Timber that during evening and early morning hours smoke may collect in low lying areas.

The Park Board will notify residents of the burn days as early as possible.  Burning should be announced during the 6-9 am Jon Warren show, KLOO radio (AM 1340).  The Vineyard Mountain Facebook page (VINEYARD MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY) will also publish the proposed burn date, as will the Park website (select Park District at https://sites.google.com/site/vineyardmountain/)


Members of the Park Board will be present on Saturday, October 13 (noon to 4) for the open house at Locke Rural Fire Station on Lewisburg Ave.  We would be happy to discuss burning and our Oak Habitat Enhancement Project during the open house.


Vineyard Mountain Park and Recreation District Board


Ray Topping, President  raytopping@comcast.net

Jen Olarra, Secretary  olarraj@oregonstate.edu

John Snelling, Treasurer snellinj@peak.org

Jeff Powers, Board Member jepowers54@comcast.net

Darlene Santich, Board Member  darlene.rice.santich@gmail.com 

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